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Niviuk Koyot 4 beginner paraglider

Niviuk Koyot 4 beginner paraglider

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An ideal sail for a beginner on a small budget. The reputation of the Koyot4 paraglider is well established, hundreds of students have learned to fly thanks to this sail.

Experience your beginnings to the fullest with the Koyot 4, the best companion to launch you into the exciting world of paragliding and become a true explorer of the sky, in a safe, easy and reliable way.

The best possible start. An accessible wing with reassuring and intuitive piloting that helps you progress, acquire experience, knowledge and gain all the confidence necessary to calmly enjoy the pleasure of flying.

Its “muffled” behavior guarantees ease and softness: light when inflating, easy and balanced in the air, soft when landing, with precise control for the pilot, the latter can thus progress effectively in his different learning phases.

It offers you the best assets for the learning and progression phases. A very accessible and efficient wing thanks to intuitive handling and responsiveness that facilitates adapted control by the pilot, whatever the situation in which it finds itself. The wing is designed to give the pilot confidence as he progresses and to achieve his objectives quickly, in complete safety.

Passive safety results from the new and optimized design of the wing, which aims above all to ensure stability in all phases of flight. This is a very easy wing to fly and whose responses to commands are more progressive than the Koyot 3. Consequently, after all the maneuvers tested within the framework of the EN standard, the wing resumes its flight, quickly stabilizes and continues its flight.

The Koyot 4 is also more comfortable in turbulent conditions where it offers great stability and penetration into the wind that is unprecedented at this level of accessibility.

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