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Niviuk Octagon 2 Parachute

Niviuk Octagon 2 Parachute

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For many pilots, the reserve parachute is an essential and mandatory part of their flight equipment. His choice is not trivial.
Thanks to our collaboration with Vital Parachutes - leading brand in parachute design and manufacturing - the Octagon 2 is one of the most advanced and safest parachutes on the market due to its innovative and distinctive octagonal design. The most recent innovations, to maintain the best chances of saving the driver...

The Octagon 2 offers maximum safety and reliability in an emergency situation, thanks to the innovative octagonal design which raises its performance to the highest level. With the Octagon 2, innovation and technologies improve your safety.

The second version of the Niviuk reserve parachute offers excellent pendulum stability and a very low descent speed, so that the return to the ground is as smooth as possible.
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