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SUPAIR 2B LIGHT accelerator

SUPAIR 2B LIGHT accelerator

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Developed for light equipment, this accelerator is both simple and effective.

Weight : 30g

The 2B LIGHT is very light: 30g (18g in ultra light mode) and particularly suitable for Everest and Radical harnesses.

The first bar is equipped with a removable centering block which allows you to grab the accelerator with one foot and give a first stroke on the acceleration travel of the sail.

The second bar allows you to accelerate to the maximum of the possibilities of the sail.

The two slotted hooks are universal for quick attachment to all sails.

By removing the removable centering block and attaching the throttle with a lark's head to the sail risers instead of the split hooks, the weight of this throttle drops to 18g...



Double bar

Centering wedge (removable) on first bar


Dyneema halyard 2mm


This item comes with the following accessories:

Slotted hooks (one pair)

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