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X-Dream Fly

X-Dreamfly X-triangle airship emergency parachute

X-Dreamfly X-triangle airship emergency parachute

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The X-TRIANGLE emergency parachute is a dirigible parachute.
It's a new concept that finally combines the best of different systems. Not only does it present a new shape , but also an innovative mode of operation.

When opening, the X-TRIANGLE descends vertically without moving forward, which makes it usable from the first flight even by a passive beginner. There is no absolute need to lower the main wing, thanks to the excellent sink rate, the absence of horizontal movement and the very strong pendulum stability which prevents mirroring.

The X-TRIANGLE descends in an extremely stable manner due to its construction 3-COINS which allows its self-stabilization.
If circumstances require it, the pilot can trigger the parachute by activating one or both commands in order to reach suitable terrain for a safe return to the ground.
THE X-TRIANGLE is therefore the first parachute in the world which has absolutely no horizontal movement when it opens, which descends on a completely vertical axis but becomes dirigible when its pilot deliberately activates its forward descent. So the X-TRIANGLE is suitable for any level of pilot, from beginner to expert. Even more, the X-TRIANGLE presents low weight and volume, and a basic folding method within the reach of any autonomous pilot. It is the first dirigible emergency parachute which folds as easily as a round emergency .

- Airship .
- Easy to fold .
- Ultra-fast opening .
- Hyper stability . Even stronger pendulum stability than a square.
- High standards of quality , materials and assembly.
- Very low weight and volume .

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