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X-Dream Fly

X-Dreamfly X-curve 130 airship parachute

X-Dreamfly X-curve 130 airship parachute

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In addition to being compact and light, this rogallo parachute allows the pilot, once opened, to navigate in order to reach a safe landing zone.

The X-Curve parachute is the latest generation of high-performance Rogallo- type airship rescue systems .
-It is the primary choice of acro pilots who sometimes have to use their backup at an extremely low altitude.
Or ambitious cross-country skiers for whom it may be vital to escape with assistance from taxable dangerous zones or obstacles such as high-voltage lines and other highways.
-A Rogallo type emergency device remains unbeatable in terms of opening time (2 seconds) as well as sink rate (3.5 m/s) . It provides stable descent , with a steerable glide slope that allows it to fly to and from a safe area. lay gently .
-The pre-braked opening allows it to descend vertically (if one has to throw along a cliff) as long as the pilot is not able to take control (as long as the main wing has not been neutralized).
- Low weight and volume immediately place it among the best dirigible parachutes.
-These same characteristics make it suitable for almost all harnesses and it can even be used ventral .
-High quality materials and cutting-edge assembly techniques ensure reliability and durability .
-Once again X-Dream Fly has thought about the economic aspect with a very reasonable price.
-The X-Curve can be used with or without the paraglider release system.

One size: Weight: 1.7kg
Maximum weight: 130 kg

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