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Ozone Ultralight 5 light paraglider

Ozone Ultralight 5 light paraglider

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The Ultralite series has been a reference in touring for almost twenty years and the Ultralite4 is probably the most popular wing of all time in this category. Many things have evolved since its launch and the numerous technological improvements that have appeared since then have been implemented to result in a version 5 that is both lighter and much more efficient than ever.

The all-new Ultralite5 has a finesse improved by 0.8 points and a speed increased by 7km/h while weighing 100g less. With two additional sizes, the range now extends from 13m² to 25m² in order to satisfy every rider and all types of riding, uphill and downhill (see the technical specifications table).

A brand new SharkNose specifically developed for the Ultralite is the spearhead of this new design, it improves inflation, performance, comfort and ease of use. The takeoff sequence of the Ultralite5 is clearly improving – we have never been in the air in so few steps, an essential quality when taking off in the mountains.

The new arch makes it a more compact wing, with more intuitive and direct piloting. The new cutting of the fabric panels and a modified twist have significantly reduced drag, improving the True Performance of the wing without compromising on safety.

The Ultralite5 weighs only 1.76kg in 17m² when the 15m² and 13m² sizes (only tested under load) are 1.59kg and 1.42kg respectively.

Whether you are obsessed with ultra-light wings for trail flying, hiking or mountain flying, or you are looking for your first ultra-light flight kit, an Ultralite5 will perfectly meet your needs.

The Ultralite5 will soon be available in sizes ranging from 13m² to 25m² on our ordering system. Production lead times will be approximately 30 days at launch.

Package Content

Your OZONE wing comes standard with the following accessories:

Internal bag, Compression strap, Speed ​​Bar, OZONE stickers, Repair fabric and OZONE key ring.

You can choose to add something to your order, such as: Lightweight folding sock, Carrying bag, "Beanbag" bag (quick fold) or OZONE clothing and accessories.

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