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Paragliding Ozone Alta

Paragliding Ozone Alta

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The new Alta is designed for pilots who want everything, in a very safe and reliable product. For anyone who wants the performance needed for cross-country flying but makes ease of use and safety a priority, with a versatile everyday glider, the Alta is the perfect solution.

Powerful and lightweight

With the Alta a new breed of paragliders is born! In terms of performance, it matches the wings of the higher category and in terms of weight, it benefits from the high technicality of the light structures developed by Ozone. Quite simply, it combines the reliability and ease of use of our safest wings.

The Alta's breathtaking finesse, lightness and ease of use make it the ideal wing for many pilots. With a design and construction developed for our X-Alps wings combined with our know-how in making initiation wings so safe, we have made the most efficient and most versatile EN A we have ever had. seen.

The pilot

The Alta is designed for pilots who want maximum safety and reliability. If you want to do cross-country skiing but prioritize ease of use and safety and also appreciate the lightness and versatility of a wing that can be used every day, the Alta is the one for you. .

Clearly in the EN A category in terms of passive safety and accessibility, it nevertheless has the performance of a classic EN B. Whether taking off from a coastal dune or an Alpine pass at altitude, going cross-country or doing a local thermal flight, the Alta will accompany you in complete peace of mind.

This unique combination of technologies has created a wing that is easy to launch and fly, strong enough to be your only wing and light enough to take it wherever you go.


The technologies used for the Alta have been developed to push the limits on our high performance projects.

  • Double transverse cut for perfect surface finish of the leading edge.
  • Position of the air inlets optimized for high internal pressure and good rope stability which promotes maneuverability and performance.
  • Innovative air intakes eliminate the vibrations often encountered on narrow wings.
  • 3D alignments of internal structural panels for optimal flow.
  • The pronounced arch combined with the winglets gives an optimal combination for steering and roll stability as well as spiral stability.
  • New exclusive profile developed from Moxie and which gives easy and quick inflation and take-off.
  • The line design has benefited from the research program carried out on the Red Bull X-Alps sail for minimal drag.
  • Its ability to withstand daily use makes the Alta much more than a lightweight wing!
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