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NIVIUK Nkare Bag folding bag

NIVIUK Nkare Bag folding bag

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The bag Nkare allows you to quickly fold your wing, ready for your next flight. Optimal maintenance is essential to keep your wing in perfect condition and to guarantee its durability and performance.

Product Details

✓ Simple and protective folding for your wing
The new version of the Nkare Niviuk bag allows for simple and quick folding, guaranteeing the integrity of the profile and the internal structure of the wing: the ideal choice for fully protected transport.

✓ Intuitive and easy to use
Designed to allow easy and quick accordion folding. This folding system guarantees that the fabric and reinforcements of the internal structure are kept in perfect condition.

✓ Maximum protection for your wing
- Zip with interior protection to prevent damage to the fabric. In addition, the Nkare bag closes from the trailing edge to the leading edge, allowing excess air to be expelled.
- Three internal fixing straps located at both ends and in the center, to completely hold the wing.

✓ Comfort of folding and transport
- Internal storage for the risers, to avoid contact with the fabric.
- Internal markings make the bag easier to use and explain all its advantages.
- Two external straps so that the wing is compact and secure during transport and to prevent any deformation of the sail.
- Compartment with name badge on the front of the bag.

✓ Durable quality materials
Fabric with reinforced seams for maximum resistance, allowing its use on aggressive terrain and wet grass while ensuring maximum protection for the paraglider.
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