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Ozone Forza 2 cocoon harness

Ozone Forza 2 cocoon harness

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It is comfortable and efficient in cross country. This harness is designed for long and demanding flights. It has an anatomical seat and back support. The fairing has been tested in a wind tunnel. It contains two emergency pockets. This harness offers high comfort, stability and passive safety for demanding conditions

Comfortable and efficient cross country

  • Designed for long and demanding flights
  • Anatomical seat and back support
  • Fairing tested in wind tunnel
  • Two emergency pockets
  • High comfort, stability and passive safety for demanding conditions

Comfortable and efficient harness for the longest flights. The passive safety, stability and ease of use of the Forza 2 make it the ideal harness for long-distance cross-country skiing.

The Forza 2 is a harness whose high technicality and careful equipment provide comfort and optimal control in cross conditions. This project is the result of more than three years of development during which some of the best cross-country pilots in the world flew hundreds of hours with the different prototypes. We wanted to create an aerodynamic, durable and extremely comfortable harness for doing big cross-country rides. We met our objective and made the Forza 2 the most efficient harness we have tried in classic fairing.

The structure

The design of the Forza 2 gives it optimal stiffness. The backrest has been designed to scrupulously fit the anatomy of the pilot. Foams of different thickness and density provide lumbar support with exceptional comfort. The seat is equipped with a small board which allows you to achieve an ideal level of stiffness and controllability in the harness while ensuring comfortable support during your many hours of flight. We opted for protection that runs along the entire back and for protection under the buttocks which is very effective while remaining quite thin.

The straps that hold the pilot have color-coded buckles and the cocoon closure system acts as an anti-forgetting device.


Two large, easily accessible side pockets, a zippered pocket on top of the cocoon, a large and practical cockpit, a battery pocket, an under-thigh compartment and a very large rear pocket where you can put a water bottle. hydration, the hose of which is easily accessible and, finally, a drain hole for unloading located under the seat.

Aerodynamics and Flight Performance

The long rear fairing improves yaw stability. Numerous accelerated flight tests were conducted to optimize the shape, angle of attack and functionality of the cocoon and rear fairing.

The cocoon and its closing system remain perfectly functional while the accelerator is activated.

Emergency parachute compartments

Two compartments closed by magnets provide large openings while being particularly smooth and aerodynamic in normal flight. The emergency handles are easy to grab although perfectly integrated into the aerodynamics of the harness.


Ozone now subjects all its products to an eco-audit which pushes us to improve their sustainability. The Forza 2 is a particularly durable and repairable product. Materials have been carefully chosen for their resistance to wear in critical areas and we use as much Bluesign labeled fabric as possible.

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