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Supair Access 3 harness

Supair Access 3 harness

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For the beginner pilot, the ACCESS 3 is an intuitive and comfortable harness. For instructors, it is the ideal tool to let their students fly safely.

Thanks to its interchangeable protection, the durability of the harness is increased for intensive use in schools. The choice of protection allows it to adapt to the needs of the pilot throughout his progress.

The ultimate school and progression harness, the ACCESS 3 is intended for beginner paragliders as well as instructors who wish to equip their students with a simple and comfortable harness in complete safety .

Its use is intended to be intuitive so that the pilot is quickly comfortable in handling his equipment , making the work of the instructors as easy as possible so that everyone can concentrate on the essential: piloting. Whether on a school slope, during inflation or during the first major flights, all the features of the ACCESS 3 are designed to support new pilots and their instructors with complete peace of mind.

Safety is at the heart of the development of the ACCESS 3. The harness is closed using two automatic buckles: as soon as one of the two buckles is closed, the pilot is safe . The straps of the leg straps are marked in bright red so the rider will immediately notice that they are not strapped in. Likewise, the instructor can quickly and easily check the correct attachment of his student in the harness, even from a distance. In addition, this new geometry with a 2-point attachment offers ideal stability for exploring the activity with complete confidence.

To facilitate the use of the harness in school, the size is very clearly indicated on the shoulder of the harness so that the instructor can quickly find the size his student needs. A plastic pocket is placed on the back of the right shoulder to easily identify the equipment.

All of these elements have been designed to provide the ideal learning tool . ACCESS 3 saves time on the management of equipment and school equipment while allowing instructors to devote themselves fully to their core business: teaching.

Weight: 3.3 kg (size M with airbag module)
Unique color: Black, Petrol and Sand

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