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Supair rigid two-seater spacers

Supair rigid two-seater spacers

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Rigid spacers with a spacing of 300 mm.

The rigid spacers have two positions for the passenger and a spacing of 300 mm. The sail attachment is separate from the reserve parachute attachment.

They are compatible with all SUPAIR tandem harnesses and sails (SORA 2 sail, EVASION harnesses, WALIBI, MINIMAX, VIP, LOUSTIC, KINDER)

Very robust 38 mm polyester webbing

Main hook for the sail and reserve parachute hook (separate)

Approval for a PTV of 240 kg covering all two-seater wings on the market

300 mm passenger/rider spacing

Passage shaft for emergency elevators

Weight: 560g

Sizes: 300mm

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