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BGD Magic 2 paraglider

BGD Magic 2 paraglider

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The Magic 2 is a fun and safe wing that will make young pilots fall in love with the sport and explore everything it has to offer.

Full of pep and magic, the Magic2 offers maximum driving pleasure and an excellent level of passive safety. It is super easy to inflate, and a real pleasure in thermals thanks to its unparalleled maneuverability which gives the right amount of information on the air mass.

Our choice of materials as well as its structural design make this sail robust and durable: it will easily withstand hours of training on the ground and in the air, without excess weight. Size M weighs only 4.8kg.

In the world of paragliding there is a well-known adage: “the best pilot is the one who has the most fun”. Fly the Magic 2 - you will be the best pilot.


The Magic 2 is designed to be a first glider: easy, safe and forgiving for progressing pilots. In our range, it is located a notch above the ADAM 2, our training sail. EN-A certified, it is safe but without the “boat” side of other sails in the category: it is a fun sail with excellent performance. It will easily take pilots to their first soaring, their first thermals, their first cross… and to other even more ambitious projects! You'll love your MAGIC 2 when you see how far you can push it in thermals and cross country. This is a wing that you will keep for a long time before changing category.

Designer Notes

The brief for the R&D team was to design a wing that was extremely safe, easy to fly and forgiving. It had to be fun but have sufficient performance to fly cross-country: a real progression wing. And we are very happy to see that we took up the challenge!
The Magic 2 is a fairly stable wing in roll but which retains flexibility in its handling and above all it is a real pleasure to fly it thermally.
It's super easy to inflate, with no blocking points in the rise of the wing and it will forgive pilots who pull on the A's a little too enthusiastically :)

The length of the brake stroke combined with the gradual increase in control pressure as you approach the stall point will prevent you from inadvertently stalling the wing. The Magic 2 also has no tendency towards spiral neutrality and has moderate body roll.

The package includes

Paragliding / Stickers / Manual card / Gift / Carrying bag / Accelerator / Repair kit / Overbag / Riser bag / Compression strap

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