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Ozone Delta 4 paraglider

Ozone Delta 4 paraglider

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The Delta 4 brings the biggest leap in performance in the series while maintaining the comfort and ease of use that have made the Delta the best-selling performance sport wings in the history of paragliding.

The 2-line end lines significantly reduce drag while ensuring better distribution of lift along the wingspan.

New reduced drag profile developed from that of the Mantra and provided with reduced openings and better performance.

Measured Performance

At maximum speed, the D4 has a sink rate advantage of +12 cm/s compared to the D3. In calm air, this gain represents the total height of the lines every minute! The gap is even greater in turbulence where the D4 transforms gusts into altitude like competition wings. The maximum speed of the D4 exceeds that of its predecessor by 3 km/h, irremediably leaving it behind in accelerated flight.

Real Performance

Intuitive and effective control of the angle of attack, improved profile and optimized internal structure make the Delta 4 a Cross machine with impressive gliding in turbulence. Its structure, the strongest we have developed, makes it possible to maintain the integrity of the profile even in the heart of turbulence, avoiding losses in efficiency associated with deformations along the chord.

New “ACR” System

The new Active Control Risers, inherited from the Mantra, allow you to act directly on the angle of attack without changing the camber of the profile, even in accelerated flight. By activating both the B and the C, the ACR allows you to control the wing like a 2-line while maintaining the comfort of a 3-line architecture.


This wing is the most docile of all the Deltas. It is able to withstand a high level of turbulence without closing, even in accelerated flight. Furthermore, its behavior when closed is the most docile in the series. This feat is the result of choices such as a relatively low aspect ratio but also technical know-how on the structure, the architecture of the lines as well as optimized wing twisting. Numerous tests have verified that after lateral closure the wing is very little subject to rotation or falling and that reopening takes place without shock. Behavior after a frontal closure is excellent with immediate reopening.

The Ozone Shark Nose profile, by repelling the risks of spin and stall, makes resting at the top or landing on steep terrain relatively easy for a wing of this level of performance.

Pleasure in Flight

The piloting sensations are a clear improvement compared to the D3 and will give you immense pleasure in flight. Brake feel evolves linearly – precise in the first part and authoritative in the second. You can easily adjust the inclination and place the wing in the core of the thermal. The structural cohesion of the wing, and in particular of the chord, ensures excellent coordination between roll and pitch, providing a feeling of agility and pleasure.

The pilot

The Delta 4 is aimed at intermediate to advanced pilots who fly 70 to 100 hours per year and who have already completed an SIV. Its ease of use and high level of passive safety make it accessible to pilots who wish to move up in category. Experienced pilots who want to fly with a greater margin of safety will experience great satisfaction under a wing whose Cross performance is at the top of its category.


Number of cells 66 66 66 66 66 66
Projected area (m2) 16.4 18.4 19.6 20.7 21.8 23.4
Flat surface (m2) 19.3 21.7 23.1 24.4 25.7 27.6
Projected span (m) 8.52 9.04 9.33 9.59 9.84 10.19
Flat span (m) 10.81 11.46 11.83 12.16 12.47 12.92
Projected elongation 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4
Lying flat 6.05 6.05 6.05 6.05 6.05 6.05
Rope 2.25 2.38 2.46 2.53 2.6 2.69
Wing weight 4.5 4.8 5.0 5.3 5.5 5.8
Total Certified Weight (kg) 55-70 65-85 75-95 85-105 95-115 110-130
Recommend Flying Weight (kg) 60-70 70-84 82-94 90-104 100-114 112-128
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