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Parachute Companion SQR light 2

Parachute Companion SQR light 2

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Discover the SQR Light 2, the ultimate companion in the skies, designed to meet the most extreme demands of paragliding, such as those of the X-Alps 2023. Launched just before this iconic competition, the SQR Light 2 was quickly adopted by our athletes for his exceptional performance.

Used for the first time during the X-Alps

The SQR Light 2 project was launched just before X-Alps 2023. We approved the Light 2 in size 100 especially for competition, at an intermediate stage of development, and we equipped our athletes with it. Thanks to its minimal weight and volume, the SQR Light 2 was the ideal companion for such a demanding competition. After this test, the other sizes were also developed.

Less weight and more surface area

The new SQR Lights are not only lighter, they are also larger. Weight is reduced by up to 6% and surface area increases by up to 3% depending on size. As a result, the minimum sink rate improves to 5.1 m/s. The weight of size 100, with 880 g. drops below the magic bar of 900 g. Another highlight is the tandem rescue, which is now permitted up to 200 kg and weighs only 1847 g. The Companion SQR Light 2 range therefore offers, to our knowledge, the lightest emergency parachutes on the market.

Cutting-edge materials

The SQR Light 2 uses a newly developed Ultralight fabric in collaboration with Dominico Textile, which features strong structural strength and offers the usual high water resistance of its predecessor. In addition, lines from the European manufacturer Edelrid, specially designed for rescue purposes, are being used for the first time. The structure of the lines has been specially designed to meet the needs of a rescue in terms of elongation and resistance to breaking. All new materials have undergone extensive long-term testing in collaboration with the manufacturers.

Prices unchanged

Good news also on the price front: despite using the latest materials, we can offer the SQR Light 2 as a new product with significantly better features for the same price as its predecessor, which is not obvious at the moment when prices are constantly increasing.

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