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Tandem paraglider Ozone Magnum 4

Tandem paraglider Ozone Magnum 4

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Overall, the significant amount of technology inherent in the Magnum 4 made tandem flying the easiest and least technical we have ever experienced. The simplicity and low-stress nature of takeoff, flight, and landing have brought a new level of joy and comfort to our tandem flights, and we can't wait to hear feedback from professional pilots on this new design.


The Magnum is the all-new tandem wing designed for professional tandem pilots. Strong and versatile for any pro pilot, it excels in all conditions.

  • Used by professional tandem pilots around the world.
  • Easy to take off and land.
  • Maneuverable, piloting comparable to a solo wing.
  • Durable design and materials.

We have tested this new bi on various sites to be sure that it adapts to any type of flight. It takes off very well without wind and gradually climbs in strong winds. In flight, its pitch and roll stability ensures comfortable flight and its maneuverability is characteristic of OZONE, ensuring precise and dynamic piloting.

Fewer diagonals and more attachment points allow for a more balanced distribution of the load on the wing. Its aspect ratio of 5.11 and its 46 cells provide an impeccable surface finish and excellent performance, while maintaining easy inflation and a limited weight of the wing. The Magnum profile is a new design, created specifically to meet the requirements of tandem flight. Its plan shape and the internal pressure of the wing have also been designed to achieve pleasant tension in the controls, easy takeoffs and performance.

The fabric of the Magnum is entirely Porcher Marine; the upper surface is made with the new Porcher Skytex 45 Evolution. This new material is extremely resistant to wear and stretching, creating a feeling of greater precision in flight and guaranteeing the longevity of the wing.

“It’s the best two-seater I’ve ever flown. Its maneuverability is astonishing but its best asset is undoubtedly the ease of takeoff and landing. I haven’t missed one yet, even in very turbulent conditions here in India!”
John Silvester, somewhere in the Himalayas.



The Magnum is a completely new design and has little in common with our previous two-seater wings. The Magnum's mission is to provide ease of use, performance, resistance to wear and excellent handling that are so dear to professional tandem pilots.

Pros need a wing that makes their job easier. The wing must be progressive during inflation with little pitch and the best rounding possible to land easily even in the worst conditions.
These attributes are crucial but we wanted to go a little further and add performance and maneuverability to make the Magnum the wing professionals absolutely need. The feedback is that the Magnum is the easiest, most pleasant and most maneuverable two-seater on the market and after a year of existence, its sales continue to increase, which says it all...

Its other advantage is its resistance to wear to guarantee professional use. The planform of the wing and the materials used were chosen so that the Magnum would perform well for many seasons of professional activity.


This is a brand new wing. The profile we use was specifically developed for the Magnum. More than a year of testing was necessary to obtain the results we wanted: pitch stability for progressive inflation and easy landing, solid performance and reduced control tension.

The new internal structure prevents deformation of the sail for more performance and better longevity. There are therefore more line attachment points on the wing to allow less stress on each line and mechanically less tension on each attachment and partition. All the wing cells are reinforced with diagonals, completing the load distribution system.

Extrados: Skytex 45 Evolution for 2 reasons:
1. Skytex fabric is lighter: this is an important factor when you regularly wear a two-seater as well as for the behavior of the wing in flight.
2. It is also a rigid fabric, which means less deformation of the fabric and greater longevity. This also means more pleasant driving and easier turning.

The size of the Magnum (41m2) is smaller than our old two-seaters. We chose to reduce the size to obtain a lighter wing, a more pleasant feel to the controls and better handling. Its small size is one of the factors that gives the Magnum almost the same sensations as a solo wing. Performance has not been sacrificed by making this size reduction thanks to the all-new profile.

4 more cells for a well finished wing.

A greater elongation going from 4.7 for the McDaddy to 5.1 for the Magnum.

40 m line reduction.

Reduced and better balanced internal pressure across the wingspan, which led to lighter control pressure and a smoother feeling in the air.

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