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Advance Strapless 3 thong harness

Advance Strapless 3 thong harness

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The STRAPLESS 3 is designed for hikers and mountaineers who don't compromise on weight and volume. The purist STRAPLESS 3 is certified for a maximum weight of 110 kg.

It is possible to add a removable airbag.


Lighter, lighter, STRAPLESS 3

The STRAPLESS 3 was manufactured according to the motto “As much as necessary, as little as possible”. Which means that the ultralight harness is reduced to the essential elements. Thanks to the comfortable leg straps and a very upright seating position, which avoids any unpleasant tipping backwards with a heavy backpack, the STRAPLESS 3 is particularly comfortable in flight, despite its sleek design.


Simple handling

It's not just the construction of the STRAPLESS 3 that is simple, its handling is just as simple: Equipped with light straps that allow it to be held perfectly before takeoff, even without a backpack. You then close the Getup system, then simply hang the paraglider securely using the EASY CONNECT SYSTEM LIGHT – and off you go!


Square, practical, perfect...

The STRAPLESS 3 is delivered in a lightweight ADVANCE carrying bag and can be folded compactly in just a few steps. With its flat volume, it will undoubtedly find its place in any backpack, no matter how small. Also practical: the speedkit is already pre-assembled.


Driver Size cm 155-190
Waist strap width cm 42
Weight of the harness kg 0.225
Protection weight kg 0.220
Carabiner weights kg 0.044
Accelerator weight kg 0.025
Airbag approval NFL 2-565-20
Fifth wheel approval EN 1651:2018+A1:2020 / 110 kg
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