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Vario Stodeus Bip Bip PRO V2

Vario Stodeus Bip Bip PRO V2

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Equipped with the latest generation of sensors from the drone industry, the BipBip PRO V2 is an audio vario with unrivaled responsiveness. It will accompany you for the entire duration of your flights in an unlimited manner thanks to its large capacity battery and its high-performance solar cell. The acoustics of the BipBip PRO V2 adapt to everyone thanks to an extended volume range. The tone of the beeps is balanced and soft. You will fly without stress, and without compromising on efficiency.
Its many customizable settings allow it to fully adapt to your flying style. Whether you are a fan of flight-hiking or cross-country skiing, this concentrate of technology made in France will never leave your equipment.
Always on top.

The most responsive in its category.

Equipped with the latest technology straight from the UAV industry (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) such as drones, the new pressure sensor integrated into the BipBip PRO V2 allows ultra-fast pressure measurement (128 times per second) .
This centimeter pressure measurement (1cm resolution) is processed by a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that we have developed for the specific needs of free flight. It allows precise calculation of altitude and vertical speed.

In its category (vario with pressure sensor only) , this exclusive technology makes the BipBip PRO V2 the most responsive vario, allowing you to get the most out of each lift.

Unlimited flight time thanks to solar energy.

With its SunPower solar cell with an impressive power of 193mW, the BipBip PRO V2 is completely energy autonomous whatever the settings (sound volume, descent alarm, LED, etc.). Solar energy is stored in the internal battery of the BipBip PRO V2 and its large capacity allows an autonomy of 400 hours without sunlight. The solar cell recharges the BipBip PRO V2 constantly as soon as it is in the sun, its autonomy is thus unlimited.

This new thinner and more discreet solar cell is reinforced with a robust layer of PET/EVA, offering it high protection against impacts and scratches.

Strong points

  • Unlimited solar
  • Ultra responsive
  • Configurable
  • Vario LED up/down
  • High volume
  • Easy to use
  • Made in France

In the box

  • 1 BipBip PRO V2 vario
  • 2 adhesive velcro patches
  • 1 cord
  • 1 user manual


  • Operates on solar energy with internal battery (up to 400 hours of autonomy without sunlight)
  • SunPower high performance solar cell
  • Vario V2 algorithm: more efficient
  • Configurable rise threshold (from +7cm/s to +50cm/s)
  • Configurable integration time (from 0% to 100%)
  • Configurable descent alarm (from -0.5m/s to -3.5m/s) and can be deactivated
  • Low lift detector +/- 7 cm/s (can be deactivated)
  • Two vario profiles: short beeps / long beeps
  • 5 volume levels (low, medium, loud, boost, silent + LED)
  • USB-C to connect headphones or earphones with our USB-C to 3.5mm Jack adapter (see Accessories section).
  • Takeoff detection (can be deactivated)
  • Simple on/off/configuration button
  • Compact (5.8 x 3.6 x 1.4 cm)
  • Ultralight (26gr)

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